Committee’s words

It is with great happiness that we are able to offer this ITL guideline booklet to our sisters, who take part as participants and to the involved persons of the ITL program 2014 – 2015.
We, as committee, realize that there are several parties who have supported us in our tasks. Therefore on this occasion, we are very grateful to express our thanks to:
  • The general council, who entrusted us, as committee, to organize and to realize the ITL 2014 – 2015 program;
  • The provincial councils and the regional council who support us through many forms of assistance in preparing the participants and realizing our tasks;
  • Our sisters in the provinces and the region who support us with prayers and attention;
  • The speakers who have a great willingness to share  and to contribute their talents for this ITL program;
  • The ITL participants who responded to the invitation of the congregation to take part at this second ITL program;
  • Our supporting team that directly assists us in the practical organization tasks.
We hope this booklet will help you to get an overview about the activities of the ITL program within the coming six months program.

May the spirit of God continue to support and to lead the good work He began through this ITL program.

Warm greetings,
ITL Committee members

Srs. Theodora, Diana, Mariani, and Fransita

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