Message from the Superior General 
Dear sisters,
The participants of the second ITL program.

In the last years, many organizations and institutions hold a leadership course containing a wide range of packets of materials needed, to equip those who will be prepared to become leaders or to improve those, who are in charge in leadership tasks.

In the society/government, the position of leadership often becomes a contest in promotion or a tight competition. What about the religious institutions - our congregation– Sisters of Our Lady? 

The tasks as a "leader" at any level are perhaps even feared, and wherever possible we escape from these functions. Then what will happen if there is no member of a religious institution available or no member who does dare to lead? Following the model of leadership of Jesus, he clearly gives an example: "to lead is to serve, not to overwhelm and to dominate others". This fits in with the theme of this training.

To refer to the last UISG meeting 2013:‘The service of leadership according to the Gospel” became the focus of discussion of the 900 women general superiors. Questions that might emerge in our thoughts are: Do I want to be a leader? What does this word mean for me? Is it God’s call to be a leader? Is it a personal or a common responsibility? Or perhaps …is it a burden for me?

To consider this situation and to answer the need of the congregation as a whole, and supported by the decision of the general chapter 2010, the general council holds the second ITL program.

We hope through this program, you are enabled to explore and discover your precious talents and competences in the field of leadership. Further, you have a great willingness to contribute your treasure for fulfilling the needs of the congregation, church and society wherever you are called and sent.

Dear sisters,

On behalf of the general council team, we wish you a fruitful and meaningful period during this training and your togetherness as one community of Sisters of Our Lady.
We believe our good God has granted and planted a qualified seed in each of you. May your seed, with the help of God, grow and produce its fruit and you can openly share it to God’s people through your life and mission.    

Warm greeting,

Sr. Felisita Sri Budiarti

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