Message from the Regional Superior ofthe Region Malawi

Our dear Sisters
The participants of the ITL Program
We are happy and appreciate your readiness to take part in the International Leadership Training program (ITL) in the year of our Lord 2014 to 2015. 

We hope that through this program and all its activities you will do, it is going to be a very fruitful period that will offer you:  

Holistic leadership skills and knowledge that will enable you to carry out leadership tasks according to the Spirituality of Sisters of Our Lady in the future.
   Empowerment and ability to implement the knowledge you will gain in the various leadership positions such as community leadership, council member, apostolate administrators, just to mention a few.
     A chance to have shared experience on cross–cultural exchange as you put theory into practice in your day to day life.

On the other aspects of our leadership in the Congregation, we believe that the International Leadership Training program will assist our Congregation to create a pool of trained leaders in the Region/Province enhancing shared responsibilities.

In connection with the bond of Internationality, this will be strengthened indeed. You, the participants will also appreciate the differences and have an opportunity to know each other better than before.
To be a leader as one whose first responsibility, is to consider the needs of others, and be able to create the conditions where the led can become leaders themselves.

To develop the attitude that leaders must be servants of their people. Service is the most characteristic of Christian leadership.
To gain listening skills, since we as leaders, are invited to listen first so that we may understand well the situation. To really listen is to dare to give time and be there for others; care for people and about people.

In addition see the suggested goals on the ITL training program from the report of the general consultative organ meeting September 2011 booklet, page 21.
On behalf of the regional council, I wish you, our dear participants, a very fruitful and meaningful time throughout.

Best Wishes for your ITL training program.
Sr. Diana Malikebu, SOL

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