Message from the provincial Superior of Indonesian province.

Dear Sisters, the participants of the ITL program

On behalf of the Sisters and the provincial council team, we wish you a good period to find and discover your precious treasures in leadership that God has granted to each of you.

We hope through this training program you can share your life, your talents to one another. You are open to be enriched with all the activities and situations you face and deal during the process of training.

We support you with our prayer that you are enabled to fulfil this precious opportunity. This period might be an instrument and time to improve your personal quality and the quality of leadership as Sisters of Our Lady of Amersfoort. You are more available to contribute your talents concretely through your services in the congregation as well as for the need of missions; to serve others wholeheartedly, wherever you are called and sent. Now you are chosen by the congregation for taking part in this program and we believe it is God’s will too in each of you.

For the committee members and all the persons who take part to support the realisation of the whole program, we wish you all much strength and wisdom. May through the guidance of our good God and the Holy Spirit, we can reach the goals and our dreams of this training.

Sr. M. Anita, SPM

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