Message from the provincial Superior

of the Dutch province 

“Leadership is not just a series of functions a person performs in an organisation (or congregation). It is also the expression of oneself in these functions”.
        (Rev. Roger A. Statnick, Ph.D – “Elements of spiritual leadership”)

This quote tells about 2 important elements of leadership: there will be ‘a series of functions’ that includes the work of a leader and ‘it is the expression of oneself in these functions’.   

The first element, ‘the series of functions’, will become more and more evident over the years. The insights in the different aspects of the task ask for skills, knowledge and a good physical and mental health.
The second element, ‘the expression of oneself in these functions’, will be shown in the way one actualizes her leadership.

The spirituality of our congregation, expressed in “Daring to believe” tells us: “serving is the prevailing tone of leading”. That sounds beautifully, but the way to do this is tricky. First of all it is “seeking God and his Kingdom”, together, but everyone in her own way. That Kingdom is not in heaven but will become evident when we – as sisters and brothers – meet each other as persons who are equal as images of God.
The way you will treat the other, your fellow sister, needs to become the mirror of Jesus: “He showed us what it means in God’s eyes to be human: everyone matters, no one is “beneath me”.

All of you will become a leader of a great variety of people, with different backgrounds, different cultures, from different tribes, with different views and a different implementation of what it means to be a teacher, a nurse, a member of your community, as a sister of Our Lady. For this reason you need to examine in yourself: your strong points and your weaknesses in your relation and communication with people. This ITL-time is your precious time for this examination! A time of process, for all of you who are chosen to take part in this ITL. And later on in ‘real life’, after you have finished the training, in the community you live, the mission you fulfil , the province you govern, the congregation you will  serve, you can continue this process and grow.
May God bless you abundantly!

Loving greetings,
Sr. Beatrix Woertman

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